A digital excerpt from the live, immersive experience SuperSecretSiteSpecificSomething created and directed by Tracy Sunderland. Written by Tracy Sunderland, Heidi Kraay, and Sarah Gardner. Produced by Migration Theory and Boise Contemporary Theater. Spring 2015

10 Things About Migration Theory (a list in progress)

  • We LOVE process: we create organically, working together in a space in real time.

  • We champion the underdog, the undiscovered, the unheralded, the semicolon; we identify with them.

  • Women lead the company: go shes go!

  • We're transdisciplinary: makers, movers, writers, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers....

  • Access for all: we want the ones who wouldn’t have the chance otherwise.

  • Mistakes are our strength.

  • Our art heroes include: SITI Company, Frantic Assembly, Pig Iron, Rude Mechanicals, Stan’s Cafe, Bill Irwin, Hofesh Shechter, Dimitris Papaioannou, Pina Bausch, Hugh Hughes, Old Trout Puppet Theater, Moving Cities Project, Rash Dash....

  • Messy and earnest beats slick and soulless.

  • We blend innovation and traditional storytelling techniques.

  • Even if everything’s been said and everything’s been done, there is still wonder.

  We love colored post its

 We love colored post its