small matters: a big project about little things. Premiered Spring 2018. Learn more about small matters here.

10 Things About Migration Theory

(a list in progress)

  • We LOVE process: we create organically, working together in a space in real time.

  • We are slow-cookers. We marinate. We take our time to make things.

  • We champion the underdog, the undiscovered, the unheralded, the semicolon; we identify with them.

  • Women lead the company: go shes go!

  • We're transdisciplinary: makers, movers, writers, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers....

  • Access for all: we want the ones who wouldn’t have the chance otherwise.

  • Mistakes are our strength.

  • Our art heroes include: SITI Company, Frantic Assembly, Pig Iron, Rude Mechanicals, Stan’s Cafe, Bill Irwin, Hofesh Shechter, Dimitris Papaioannou, Pina Bausch, Hugh Hughes, Old Trout Puppet Theater, Moving Cities Project, Rash Dash....

  • Messy and earnest beats slick and soulless.

  • We blend innovation and traditional storytelling techniques.

  • Even if everything’s been said and everything’s been done, there is still wonder.

We love colored post its

We love colored post its