small matters: a big project about little things

small matters: a big project about little things ran from May 22nd - June 16th. Thank you seeing it. For seeing us. Stay tuned for Migration Theory's reading with Campfire Stories in September!

An excerpt from small matters: a big project about little things. Spring 2018. Inspired by Frantic Assembly's chair duet challenge.

Migration Theory worked with over forty performers, writers, builders, and makers from around the country to bring small matters to you this May. We're working raise $25,000 to pay these artists their full worth. Donations are tax deductible!


small matters....

asks audiences to engage with us as we explore the human journey: stories of departure and arrival, of escaping from and running towards, of seeking but never finding, of exile and the journey home. Our creative process will be open to the public: we'll be asking you to share words, time, maybe even some small spaces with us. Along the way, we'll be figuring out exactly what it is we're making, right along with you.